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Everything posted by wickedwacko!

  1. thats what i thought.:cool:...keep that trap shut.
  2. damn you cock suckers are ruthless in this thread. Who talks shit about the way another dude looks? what really matters is how much the homie crushes. you losers on that homo tip or what?:beat2:
  3. what do you write? and do you even write in detroit? id love to give you a run for your money. us underdogs will take out anybody take notes.
  4. eseys one of the ballziest graff writers ive ever met by far, not toy at all. mad respect from this side of the lawn. id love to see decolonize actually paint a piece with some paint cans.
  5. Dont hate cause us real muh fuckas crush, fuckin faggot! get smashed on!
  6. nice throwback photos...............Fohr, Fel, Justo.
  7. :dozey: oh god, what did this idiot do now?...... (The mere fact that you havent been socked up yet by any number of people is nothing short of miraculous.)....:laugh1: :laugh1:
  8. BUMP THE FUCK OUT OF THAT CENO VIDEO. good shit dude.
  9. REVS ALL DAY. those welded metal handstyles go hard.
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