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Everything posted by wickedwacko!

  1. BRITE for the win, dudes always got those fresh hands.
  2. 1.) do your history, 2.) dont speak my way unless youve been writing over 11 years, 3.) what do you write?
  3. :laughing::laughing::laughing: get all those dicks out ya mouth. you clearly know nothing so before you get on here running that trap, get ya facts straight fuck boy.
  4. these foolz are such pussies they gotta jump a dude or pull a knife or gun out, fuckin faggots find me and fight me one on one. oh and elmer how about you call me out to fight when the bouncers aint around bitch boy, stupid ass fool almost got his ass beat by the squad for talkin a big game, got in my face and didnt do shit. pack amo gray on the real yall aint cutt out for this shit dfw's been gettin capped for almost a year now, ill be doin this for life... mr. game changer
  5. first off bump my my dawg sway second off dont be fooled outta towners WAH CREW is running detroit all that big bullshit dfw talk is all fuckin nonsense blieve me. yall wanna paint with true graff heads? or wannabe gang bangers? lmfao dfw yall kats are the biggest busters out here strate the fuck up. elmers a pussy packs a pussy amos a pussy grays a pussy sekt is a pussy sistoe is a pussy aires is a pussy lmfao yall foolz gonna have to kill me cuase everywhere i go nothing of yours will run... JASP mother fucking 1.
  6. sway, strat, esey, tck, sew, vary
  7. nice to see my spots? thats right that was you, thanx bruh youll be seeing tons more.
  8. im the kat you fools talk about at your little graffiti gatherings, i know this because i know this.
  9. tread lightly? i didnt even see you throw any type of bumpage my way and honestly i dont give a fuck about your respect torwards me i also dont give a fuck who you are behind this computer screen. and if someone went over army? if its bothering you to the point where you feel the need to bring it up why dont you do somthing about it? never saw anything about you calling me a king so why your taking credit for my actions is beyond me. disrespected you twice? who are you? do you even write? if so what do you write and dont send it to me threw a pm. jasps ego doesnt get destroid it just keeps leveling up. and you know so much about me hu? what like my name and where you think i live? fuck you.
  10. and some of the cats that stopped repping cfc are straight sell outs, bump scetch,fohr,fel,pluto,irate,armee,delph,fosik, all kats i looked up too when i first started.
  11. ^shut up you dont paint. bump newyork period. fuck peicing.aint no detroit legends even left all retired. fuck off.....true detroit legends always were cfcrew
  12. this thread sucks, same old styles ive been seeing for ages. :disappointed:
  13. throw those winter coats on and start takin your spots back, im getting really bored. kats just aint keepin it kingish around these parts these days.if yall couldent keep up with snuf back in the day you sure as hell wont keep up with me.
  14. respect isnt given its earned. lmfao by people in ya own crew by the way, that sais it all honestly, whos real, who isnt ,who should be reppin and who shouldnt.:laughing: stop wasting my time.
  15. saw toobuck and sem in action crushing grand-river daytime, two simple waves from two real mothafuckers is all i needed that day, didnt expect it ,didnt at all cared if it happened, but it did, and hats off too both kats. rip 2BUCK one more time.
  16. i remember when i first saw those billboards Elmer and 2buck hit, i was super stoked. dope spots. mybad elemer for the drama with ya crew, they just couldn't keep there big heads out of my beef and now there paying for it. you can only blame your crew at this point. if not, then you got some serious denial issues. your more then welcome to message me about this sense your supposedly the "mediator"of Detroit graff, but replying to my funny comments will only make you actually seem like you care, and trust, nobody wants to see you care. if you even try? just going to be mad face palms. RIP 2BUCK. dude was super cool to me when i met him. that was a great night by the way. saw homies who didnt even have other homies backs lmfao and y'all niggehz call ya selves crews. hahaha dally fight nights. saw mad kats on the side lines. busters.
  17. the tree slut would get it....smash
  18. RIP 2buck. my condolences to anyone who knew him well.
  19. RIP 2buck. my condolences to anyone who knew him well. met the kat a few years ago,very humble dude and one of the hardest hitters ive seen come through the dirty D.
  20. fuck the buff :rage::rage:..........................:tongueclosed::tonguewink:
  21. stolen. http://forum.12ozprophet.com/attachments/12960039825_598eca63e7_z-jpg.192991/
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