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  1. Word solid post, first time i've ever been benched! Thanks for the share man
  2. rice eyes

    20 20

    Bump Oreks and Hoser I'm jealous of your cherry waffle car spots
  3. False, but I wish I was that cool TPBM is a toy/beginner of the rap sprayz *Edit cause you beat me
  4. You`re like Gangstarr with that Massgraffappeal
  6. False, that`s a thing? I gotta get out of my igloo more TPBM is an avid hip hop fan.
  7. I`ve never had the opportunity to see a reefer laid up let alone a tropicana, lucky bastards...
  8. I havn`t been on the oontz in years, after I finally became teh freights I took a break and traveled aroud canada in search of the meaning of hip hop, as well as working on my arrows and crowns. Hope ya`ll been holding it down in your end of the world. Drink a beer as fast and sloppy as you can for me for christmas
  9. A gel? wut? Just came to say black fill, white outline, red force. All you need
  10. Ohhh shit we`re still alive, murry christmas eryone. Stay drunk
  11. Just checked out In&Out the other day, big props to Montreal. Good to see a writer from out here, Oreks hitting some steel! Aussi j'ai vue que Quidam a faite une visite ici a Toronto.
  12. ^ Would love to know, been a big fan for a long time
  13. Nice post Omens, Jrafe, Scure Oreks to name a few Watch out for them k9's dawg!!
  14. Fuck 4chan bitches, reppin' teh oontz 'er day Becomin' the freights yo
  15. Swel!! Baconator eating champion
  16. Yeah that one had me a little confused! I would have almost been a little dissapointed, good flicks none the less
  17. Great post, too many to name
  18. Never off, always on 'til the break of dawn!
  19. you mass produce graffiti yoh, i see youz everywhere. your like all city or something Edit: double props for getting more than 5 times the posts i have in half the time i've been subscribed to teh oontz
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