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  1. raekism


    Espo doing a TED talk today. You can see it streamed live here http://tedxphilly.com/live Start Time:4:40 PM End Time:4:58 PM
  2. raekism


    Phuck your existence........
  3. raekism


    Funny I was thinking about this today. I have to think a lot more pics are being taken today then back in the day. With digital cameras and mass storage both relatively cheap there has to be so many more photos and the fact you don't have to pay for film or to get them developed. I remember is being mad expensive for film and getting them developed and growing up without a lot of money it was like you had to pick and chose what you wanted to capture but now it has to be like massive pics from all different angles at least digitally. Then you can load the pics up and upload the ones you want. Years from now esp with the buff and all I think there will be a lot more photos from 2003-05 until.... era because of the digital camera then say pics from the 80s or 90s. I took pics in the 90s but I remember thinking graff will always be there one form or another and never think like the R7 would get almost completely buffed. Thinking back in general I wish I had taken more pics but then again who could afford to........
  4. raekism


    Never seen that Kair on the fence, dope. Any Kair straight letters living? if so please don't post where as I am sure it will get buffed. Yes or No is good enough.
  5. raekism


  6. raekism


    Just noticed that DASAR hand too.... seeing flix like this makes me want to move back to Philly and have things look like back then.... damn.
  7. raekism


    I remember we did the whole R3 line and Step had that on lock. I took notice to Jece who showed me some stuff back in the day and the old school Dero tag and AIA mob.....AIA was mad cool. Bump Baed.
  8. raekism


    Bump Dazzle and all those old flicks. AF rooftop on NEHS was the first graffiti I ever realized as a buck and said damn I want to do that. They did that bitch up twice too.
  9. raekism

    PRE.ONE! Philly

    Yes, fairly new meaning 09 or 10.....
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