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  1. This is my name


    Go back to pure graffiti... I think it is past your bedtime...
  2. This is my name


    Still got to get in one word... lol
  3. This is my name


    lol Crazy story... if only there was a video...
  4. This is my name

    NYC Subways - the good stuff-Best thread on 12 oz!

    Re: NYC Subways - the good stuff If I could go back in time, it would be to see and experience things such as this... Amazing art. Awesome. Thanks for sharing all your stories and photos with us.
  5. This is my name


    FCC... enough said
  6. This is my name


    Well it hasn't been doing too good lately, but maybe this will help...
  7. This is my name


    Got this pic, wondering if Ichabod didn't finish since he usually does a lot more complex stuff... Toy over Point-Histo piece
  8. This is my name

    Buying Gold and other investments

    The country that is really appealing to me right now for foreign investments is Dubai, it just seems like a great place and their economy is doing rather well compared tot he rest of the world. They plan to have the first fully "green" city, as well as the world tallest sky scraper. Cool stuff.
  9. This is my name

    Buying Gold and other investments

    I know this a joke... but, depending ont eh gas tank, it can be quite difficult. Certain tanks now have all sorts of corners and openings to get through to get to the main tank, not any size hose will fit in there...
  10. This is my name

    yo when i wake up tomorrow and im bored at my real job

    But since there is open registration... can't they just re join? And yes, there are ways to get around an IP ban... Ban: +om+om
  11. This is my name

    Irish People Are Fucking Wack

    Cornbeef and cabbage isn't Irish...
  12. This is my name

    Passenger Trains...Flixx from allover

    I love running trains... some of the stuff on them is such great work... Switzerland:
  13. This is my name

    . . . vizie . . .

    Yeah, Red Line... Each letter is about the size of a person.
  14. This is my name

    . . . vizie . . .

    My photos: