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  1. DeathByCan


    wrong post got to the how to make ink section and make ghetto KRink
  2. DeathByCan


    fuck i thought this looked kinda new (dedication) CHINA TOWN
  3. DeathByCan

    831 cali

    ya i know its fuckin whack but fuck it ....... im over the fuckin pit......i fuckin got ran out by some random asses
  4. DeathByCan

    831 cali

  5. DeathByCan


    wrong leather is skin if it eats your skin im sure itll eat dead skin which btw soaks if damaged ......just dont fuck around with etch if you cant atleast be safe =]
  6. DeathByCan

    831 cali

    ay is this from catch me if you can??? i cant find my mag to check it right now but eh?
  7. DeathByCan

    joining a crew

    free post :D
  8. DeathByCan

    joining a crew

    this is worse than that kid who didnt know what a sticker was ......
  9. DeathByCan

    831 cali

    the pit is dead...
  10. DeathByCan

    Are these stickers ? (retarded question)

    blood fart .....fucking funny you should really take it to heart
  11. DeathByCan

    831 cali

    bills ... on soquel i think
  12. DeathByCan

    831 cali

    bump Tyce fuken clean
  13. DeathByCan

    bombing and racking

    this kid talks like a dumbass ..... how did he even get on this site......why even think of repin cope2 if u gonna dis him rite after idiot.......he probably reads this crying while he jacks off to sears magazine
  14. DeathByCan


    lol alright sick ,thanx man .....keep it fresh
  15. DeathByCan


    ay i dont feel like reading the hundred n fifty pages so could someone explain what part of the restrictor i cut wit my kiwi mop for drips i got flowy paint but i dont wanna make that shit any thinner i got spare nibs ne ways .....theyre free at the grocery store lol peace