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  1. Hey guys & gals. This past weekend, I returned from the US's largest coin-op machine and advertising trade show & collector's show in Saint Charles Il. While there, I meet a few sellers who had/claim to have access to that which we all on this forum seek and desire: Vintage spray paint and it's related items. Upon my introductions, and presentations of my color post cards, and fold out flyers etc., the respective vendors were all shocked to be in the presence of somebody who actually collected "spray paint". Now these same vendors, all related the story of the mountains of spray paint (the same cans depicted on flyers) which they repeatedly threw away in the past, upon sight. These same "shocked" vendors, had for sale various paint company related clocks, displays and signage as well as other wares on their respective tables as we spoke. But no actual spray paint, which would've been worth more than the items which they dragged across the US to St. Charles. Thus, in order to stem the perpetual desecration and destruction of the few sought -after cans which remain undiscovered out there, I had to educate these vendors as to their worth in a collectors society. While attempting to educate each vendor, there first question almost always is, "how much am I willing to pay for each can"? A fairly easy question to side step, by replying, it depends on the color as well as it's condition. You could name a high price for a nonexistent color, in order to entice them to simply start looking for cans. After all, no person is going to troll through and drag home garbage for a few dollars a can. One must wave the proverbial carrot-on-a-stck before these vendors in order to get them to recalibrate their respective hunting/search habits. Once they call with the details of the lode, it is then which one could negotiate a value for the lot. However, due to recent behavior by some within our community, it is becoming harder to get a lode at "wholesale prices" anymore. What? You're saying? Let me explain. During the aforementioned conversations last week, while speaking to a group of interested potential can/sources recruits, a few were conducting searches on ebay in my presence for cans being sold. And lo and behold they come across the active auction of my recently acquired as well as SNIPED Ferguson Gray big face! And what did they see? The same year(s) big faces presently sought-after with it currently bidding up to $115.00 with numerous bids and three days LEFT on the USED item auction. What does that tell a prospective seller? They go Hmmm... I just may have something worth more here. Let me, hold back/out. Screw selling it "wholesale" to this guy before me. I'll take my chances on Ebay. Which brings me to my final point. People, why would you continue to bid up an item with days left on it? Why not simply click "watch this item" and come back and try to snipe it in the final seconds, like most serious buyers do in the first place? Why continue to throw NUMEROUS as well as INFLATED bids, knowing 1. That's not what the final selling price will be. 2. You're only showing the sellers as well other potential sellers that they have "gold" in their hands 3. People conducting searches will see these inflated prices, due to the time left remaining on the auction. 4. Most bidding don't have a realistic chance of winning an auction of a rare can. 5. Sellers/finders only know what they see, not know what color is what or worth more etc. Hence, those of you who are working with budget constraints (which most email and state so), need to rethink/visit your bidding practices on Ebay. For, should you come across your own motherlode. Chances are, that perspective seller will be conducting an Ebay search themselves. And once that happens, chances are your opportunity to get it wholesale will evaporate before you. And you'll have yourself to blame.
  2. http://s1256.photobucket.com/albums/ii488/Pjaytms/ Going to a paint companies/items collectors swap meet next week (world's largest). What are you holding? You gotta give to receive. I'm bringing a trunk load of swag to swap.
  3. Value packs of 1967 scotties are up on Feebay at the moment. Ten great cans in each pack, which comes out to $17.49 a can! Stuff that in your pipe and smoke it!
  4. Let's get the debate started. Is the Hot Pink up on Feebay at the moment, a '66 or a '68? And articulate why.
  5. In this day and age, why would you do anything without a condom? Including can collecting! Screw the Oscars this Sunday, watch the award deserving line up of condonmized cans going up on Feebay this, and EVERY Sunday evening by pjayone. Quality in Quantity!
  6. First of thirty-six cans a weekend are up on Feebay right now. I even threw a few empties up there for those of you who don't mind them. Save the paper labels from the next round of framed labels. Bid now and upgrade/fill those gaps in your collection.
  7. Tonight kicks off the great can sale. Over 150 full and unused cans will be offered over the course of the next few weeks. And all will be offered with no reserves. Herein lies your chance to upgrade your collections. All brands, years and colors. And as always, see something you like on Ebay? Get at me, and we can talk. Those in the know, know I flip most of my cans on the D/L. New listings, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Kingpjay@aol.com
  8. P.T. Barnum said it best... BTW the farmer Brown went out on the d/l afterwards to a very happy customer. FEEbay is to used for exposure. Conduct your business outside of it. And all will reap the benefits.
  9. That can is rarer and worth more than any Icy Grape or Jungle. Too bad folks spend drop their loot on scraps and empties. They should save those pennies for cans like the farmer brown. If it ain't FULL, it's BULL!
  10. Third-in-a-series of cans you don't have up on FEEbay right now! Need a '1966 krylon peacock blue'? Well, get at the framed example being offered. A great addition to any collection. More gems to come. rest assured.
  11. Second-in-a-series of cans you don't have up on Feebay now! New gem posted every Saturday. See one you like? Get at me (kingpjay@aol.com) with trade offers BEFORE the reserve is met. Once the reserve is met, the auction will run it's course.
  12. I just moved. Once I sort out the lots, the extras will become available. Most have been boxed for years. I suspect an easy extra hundred big faces will be available. Get at me with a list of wants and desires.
  13. "it must of cost a good buck or is it quid?". Damn Slyle, was that a dig or an assumption? Perhaps all of those Big Faces that Sir Nick has/had doesn't qualify as a legit commodity to barter with? Even if Nick were to throw a steamer trunk of Pound notes across the pond, at the exchange rate, (then and now) he'd still be ahead of the game. Think about it. He acquired the bulk of his collection when the Pound was at $1.92 to one. Almost two to one. Thus, basically, every can he as was buying at the time was at a buy one get one free level. He's way ahead of the game. I've stated it many of times, cash is the easiest thing to acquire on this earth. Whereas time remains the most invaluvable of all assets. Time digging, verses time acquiring cash? If one can spend less time acquiring large amounts of cash, verses spending loads of time chasing cans, why not? Oh, I am not discounting the thrill of the hunt either. Lord knows I've enjoyed many of my excursions. Merely stating that if you have the loot, and not the time why not? One should be grateful for the few that can afford the luxury of purchasing the few available high-end cans out there. For these individuals, enrich us by purchasing our cans thus, funding the next road trip or the next round of mailings. As for the cans not being mint. You're right. They aren't. But nevertheless, a great grouping of a product line which never aged well from the outset. I give props to Nick. he had the desire, the drive to pursue his passion. And has you stated, not an easy acquisition for somebody residing in the UK! I wish you all luck with all of your passions. Cheers!
  14. And of course, they're all full and mint! Accept no subsitutes!
  15. Mad SEEN drawings for sale at http://www.ebay.com search/enter seller ID pjayone
  16. Soley from a cop? Why don't you ask SEEN why he didn't sue T-Kid and the book publisher for libel when the book came out? You know why? Because HE COULDN'T! The truth is an absolute defense against libel!
  17. What do we have above? A response from the camp that previously vowed NOT to reply any further? We understand that the FRAUDFATHER is yours as well as your brothers only source of income. Hence, you must do everything within your limited powers to protect him at ALL costs. However, the truth is and remains a sharp and piercing lance. Does it not?Pehaps your selective memory of the events will come into play. I doubt it. For the record, it was Comet who was prepared to wield a shovel that day. Nevertheless, the issue at hand is a chance meeting that I had with a retired member of the Vandal Squad last week, who relayed some rather disturbing information regarding SEEN's past. Now, all those who know me, know I don't operate on myths and rumors. In fact, I emailed and called SEEN last week seeking comment on/to what was relayed to me. SEEN's response? NONE! No return call or email. I was promised a call from the French camp this past Monday, but none ever came. Perhaps there is no defense to the truth?...
  18. Thank you sir. There's one witness of many stepping forward. But, no matter how many were to come forward, the French camp will continue to live in denial. Afterall, the French have always had a habit of perversing history.
  19. Yes, yes you're right about the appearance of me capitalizing on the "almighty dollar". Hence, I won't be selling any SEEN items come Friday. Anybody who knows me, knows that I was NEVER motivated by the DOLLAR,POUND or EURO. But the story stands. You may have been there, but we all know that you lack the command of the English language. Now that you identified him, Comet himself has related this "story" to others in full. It is what it is. And "that's a true story"!
  20. History has shown us that most people will get down with anybody when the almighty dollar is involved! Why just a couple of months ago at Tuff City T-kid called SEEN a rat to his face, and SEEN's companion an ex-con loser. Neither SEEN nor the "ex-con" said or did anything. Funny you didn't see that on his blog...You can only keep the truth surpressed for so long. Nevertheless, I remain greatly dismayed...
  21. hey Chisel Tips, You better go back and read T-Kid's book. If English isn't your primary language, have somebody translate for you. Also, less than a week ago I ran into T-Kid in person at the City tattoo shop were he asked me, front of numerous others, "where's your buddy (SEEN) the rat? Sorry to bust the bubble on your hero.
  23. I'm saving my pennies and nickles for the DUSTER UA PRE$ items...
  24. Oliver, I can't send you or post those pictures. I sold them to a guy who's putting out a book next year, which will contain only NEVER BEFORE published photos. I had to guarantee him an exclusive use on them. I'll be sure to get and send you a proof copy of the book! Peace my Danish brother!
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