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  1. Detroit period is shady as fuck. This wasn't an invite to somebody's home but rather a meet up in daylight in an open spot. Not some back alley with crack pipes and prostitutes...or whatever the image of the city is to ppl that don't live here. By no means was I saying dont use common sense.
  2. Johnny work his ass off and johnny sees only the heavy hitters doing stuff properly. Johnny was hoping for a Detroit wall with more than the usual people. Johnny thinks you don't like johnny's suggestion of cats getting together instead of having high school cliques. Most cats are actually cool as hell when you meet them. Johnny don't discriminate. So johnny will paint with just about anyone. Johnny know rules to game but johnny think this is bigger than that. Johnny has his own bus for another party. Think of it as another after party for DEMF. You can party hop and see what's happening or ch
  3. Greetings fellow writers. With big things happening in this city from outsiders I do believe it will put a huge spotlight on the city. With all the collaborations going on I feel that we (detroit) should try to secure a wall to show our ability to be a part of this movement. Not an offensive statement of crossing ppl out and shiting on ppl with hate moves. I know cats are beefing and some shit just wont settle until some cats skulls are broke. So I was trying to see who would be down to securing a wall and piecing the hell out of it. I mean using same colors and all that shit. Just detroit sho
  4. Bump Reft being a cool mofo, and not telling me how terrible I really am. Haha
  5. Straight razor??? You guys call. This is the first thing that popped in my mind.
  6. It's cool. I am just ready for this overcast to go away. I feel like we are in Russia or something.
  7. Ps. Sarcasm. For some odd reason those pictures are depressing. I blame the clouds and the pile of rocks that looks like the areas have been bombed to hell (no pun intended.) Maybe I'm just tripping and need some sunshine and 50-60 degree weather. I just have the winter blues...
  8. I wish the word "yet" was on the same line as "Out of a job"
  9. RIP TOM...Too many ppl checking out of here. Wish I would have checked the forums earlier. I would have swooped by.
  10. Can you show that Jigl? Thank you.
  11. What's wrong with paper label orange?! Paper label yellow is what you need to stay away from. Comes out in clumps and bubbly like acid in those old alien movies.
  12. Someone correct me if I am wrong but I usually says "Airs" with Aires and "Arise" For Arys *shrugs* In bizarro world Tead is pronounced "Ted", Army is pronounced "Are My" and I have a warehouse of Baller Paint...
  13. Forget that. People can't drive in this weather!
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