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  1. dude can rally like nobody's business. theeee nicest. fuckin' half baked rebels just don't get it.
  2. but it's not really a piece.... it's black and white blocks.
  3. while your wording does make more sense, my wording works as well. so yeah... we both win, you just more so. this is one of the definitions of expedient. i can't spell even with dictionary.com –adjective 2. conducive to advantage or interest, as opposed to right.
  4. dude you're at 498 now... fuuuck. you obvviously have no life... i mean shit the numbers are climbing expedentially. by the way. this is a joke. i even edited it so you would know. tip o' the hat. g'day!
  5. i'm sure it depends on the job...
  6. nah dude... he meant to do that.
  7. i hate this idea. you know someday when expendable income is rendered non-existant we will have to go back to the good old fashioned graffiti. I hope your business folds and you end up in serious debt ... but i know stupid kids will buy these like they need them to live and you will have a nice car and i will still be racking little debbie snacks and riding my stolen bike. enjoy it asshole.
  8. bzee. rcade. oface. paulo. virginia has a few things i like. that and the lombard.
  9. we don't understand it. we hate it. we're scared it will make our past 20 years of dime a dozen shitty style wars rip off copy cat circle jerking pieces look stupid. fuck it if the thread starter is a fag. there are, i'm sure, a good number of "fags" that paint and would not only make your shit look dumb but would paint circles around you. like seriously paint circles... on the ground... around you. bottom line you don't have to look at it but i guarantee you that you willl be using some of these concepts in the future just don't admit to it because then you become the dick rider... and who wants to dickride a bunch of fags. p.s. i am in no way knocking the foundation it's just that at a point the walls of the house are built and you need to step outside to see what would fit best next and how to go about it.
  10. i think it's the work ethic that inspires me most, that and the subversive nature of the work itself oh and the honesty. They set a precedent over a decade before it became accepted. graffiti needs a new (anti)hero.
  11. if this guy releases the book as he originally intended to, it might be one of the greatest works ever composed. no lie.
  12. I really applaud all of the photography coming out of these demos and all of the activists who are out there. it's some serious business over there right now and i hope that it ends peacefully in favor of the people.
  13. Re: Yinzerz 1995-2000 BEST THREAD EVER.
  14. yeah bro lots of coke. fucking asshole. painting aint parties and bitches.
  15. ja is pure. saber made a fucking boost/scion/sparks/clothing company filthy rich. dude got pimped. and do not argue that he's getting paid, he sees a fraction of a percent off of what his art is selling. ja as far as i know is in no way interested in making legal graffiti dribble. fucking half baked rebels. the comparisons end there.
  16. china is starting to monitor people... as in individual people... from space. kiss freedom goodbye.
  17. Re: Everybody that hates those fucked up new caps on the Painters Touch check this ou we are talking optimal conditions here not adaptation and innovation. shit i'll take UF black over painters touch black 8 days outta the week. i just like to complain because it allows me to forget about my own problems. night. the fun police.
  18. I have an ex girlfriend who thankfully let me experience the same shit. Junkies are a fucking blast, i suggest everyone date one at least once. scabs.
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