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  1. ROFLMFAOOL you heard me right.
  2. dues aint even from here man haha.
  3. is it even possible for someone to be a bigger faggot without publicly fucking another dude? i dont think so. go deep throat your boyfriend, juggalo. how do these people even find this thread? haha
  4. this thread shouldnt be closed because some people have beef. thats fucking graffiti, get the fuck over it. all this talk about ass stomping and such sounds like its exactly that....just talk. im not taking sides with anyone, just being real. there are some writers in louisville who really deserve to have shit posted in this thread. they put in a lot of work and do it the right way. and for those of you who know who is who on here regardless of usernames you'll notice that the dudes actually doing shit in this city dont have much to say about any of this...they just do their
  5. everyone shut the fuck up about that dumb shit already. kick a dead horse another 100 times.
  6. seriously...fight or something.
  7. 3 letters are easier than 4 i guess.
  8. didnt you mean xLOLx ??
  9. there is no bad blood between sarge, dark, binge, kfc, fst etc etc.... maybe its the weather lately...but everyone has too much fucking time to sit around and think they know a lot more about shit than they really do. not dissing anyone in particular, im sure im guilty of it from time to time. BUMP KFC FST BINGE DARK SARGE LEVIS
  10. diggin that sarge with the acu fill...
  11. thats some BITCH shit that the rogue piece got dissed with fuckin streaks.
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