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  1. i spotted a payer and a nak i think..they are tiny though haha. good arms down benching.
  2. yeah that wide necked dude at the top of the page clearly has lost the will to behave due to being harassed about his looks constantly
  3. gonna catch some more world cup tmrw morning/afternoon.
  4. been enjoying the western station i get locally on my antenna, something different/new to try i suppose.. for those who don't recognize the title, it's this meme, lol
  5. nice food...and cast iron skillets, too!
  6. monday morning tmrw, alright let's have a positive start to the week
  7. yes it was the 1.99/gallon for a week only but it usually lingers right around 4.00/gallon
  8. we had some on sale for 1.99 for the holiday week recently. unleaded 88. other than that, it hovers around 4 bucks usually for awhile now.
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