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  1. wigger?? you better find out who your talking about kid, what is that some half ass props, what part you from i can tell you how to pronounce it nigga 'NUEVO'
  2. daammn, looks like paradise but no malta
  3. so good i gotta writeit im gonna start giving shouts and drinking maltas when i paint hopefully theyll sponser me
  4. low5


    bump the mylk mang
  5. you got good taste my man
  6. i think its a spanish thing, every white or black dude i gave it to said its gross. doesnt stay on the shelf that long out here, unless its stop& shop.
  7. always sweated thier work so much style
  8. from what ive seen eros has so many different styles every piece ive seen looks different than the last, i sometimes wonder if its the same dude.. i caught one of his frieghts a while back from 99 i think my fav so far. is that first one a bel? 1990:confused:
  9. Goya!!! i always wanted to write that.. those intertwined pieces are fire... i want a malta now
  10. big ups to everyone at rallcarphotos.com and rrpicturearchives.net for all the benching
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