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  1. p./s ESAR that shit doesnt belong in here... delete it!
  2. thanks, im especially proud of that and the ask exchange... the blue bics are some freestyles so im pretty fond of those too... anyways... id like to see this thread bumpib again... i'll try to rock some shit out.. i got some exchanges to do so i think i'll do simples.. but yah, i really wanna see some badass straights.. put 'em up homie.
  3. BOSDJ.. yo im leavin for tahiti tomorrow so i wont get yours up til next week.
  4. a new battle if anyone wants in... Battle rules: SIMPLE With CHARACTER WORD: PURGE DUE DATE: March 23, 2008
  5. ^^^i know that wasn't a dis boy.. anyway... what other boys from the 808 do we have up here on the paperchase. or is melck the only one?
  6. the negative space is kinda funny so idont think a forcefield would work... it looks dope though. but i feel you, missin something ah.
  7. yeah dude.. its nice. lol idk, post some other shit... i dont like computer stuff
  8. o shit!!! a kirby all stars reference.. badd ass game i gotta say.. dope shit neuro...
  9. that truth sketch aint ugly but it doesnt belong in the thread... delete these may be some reposts.. i'll put them in order from oldest to most recent
  10. fuck it already... toys change their names at least 5 times before they get close to decent.. its a waste of time bitching at people to change their names. 90% of them wont make it big in any way at all so it wont matter. nuff lecturing and scolding if people dont know how ignorant they look, let them be.
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