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  1. Any serious collectors ; http://exceedsplatef.bigcartel.com/
  2. that sedat shit is dope classic style...yeah it could use a little work here and there but who's shit cant ?!? this thread shouldnt be limited to the 100 can legal wall spray masters .. let the blue collar rusto dudes get some love too .. damn..
  3. ha ha ha ha man i was hoping no one would notice the actual porn mag in the trash can ...damnit ..and u got me i did forget the ATT buuuuuuut i got solicited for sex by a junkie and made a new friend selling crack on the block and between police sirens and "yo, dat shits tuff yo" i was actually jamming to the beastie boys..CAMDEN NJ I love you.. I know I shouldn't have a vote, but even after all that i'd give it to Kash His was more battle-esque, mine was more of a nostalgia trip - I really am getting old --I'd love to see two more people take on this challenge tho
  4. yooooooooooo ....thats sick as hell! great how you pulled something so obscure out of that album....you killed it ,,,,,,,
  5. Ok, so I called out Kash again for a round 2 battle ...I think round 1 was a draw..he took me out with the placement of his piece for sure...So this one I made the parameters.. I always get nostalgic for the old school when it gets cold out..Sheepskins, Adidas suits, Scott goggles and classic Hip Hop..So I thought a Beastie Boys battle would be fun.. so the rules were ANYTHING from the Licensed to Ill album...song , lyric, whatever ..the pieces we agreed to use silver for speed in the cold weather ... I went with one of my fave tracks "It's the new style"..this track is special to me because I went to high school with Rob "Est" Waller from the group Three Times Dope and not many people knew he used to write and was mad skilled ...anyway he did a canvas in art class that said "It's the new style" with a gang of bboy and bgirl characters and I tried to steal it one day and failed ha ha ha...So i tried to kinda fit that idea into mine..
  6. yes and no ...due to some formalities kashs round one piece was never posted online...i hope both pieces can be posted this time...
  7. Stay tuned for Pre - VS - Kash Round two ----- Coming in November .... Old school rules....No holds barred...
  8. Omg that emit serval exchange! And rally rapes always on point
  9. Bump anything Backin88 or styleisking posts .... Everyone has their own opinion on art/graf and every few months this argument starts ... Live and let live if you dont like it scroll past it .. picking up a spray can to express yourself or leave a mark on the earth is a risky endeavour anymore..so "we" should try and support one another..at the very least i'd rather vibe with a graffiti writer then any brain dead , brain washed conformo any day of the week ..
  10. my mans a beast for sure...that looks like his late 80s steez.....dope!! Tmcrush!
  11. what yr was that ^ and gotta keep bumping this thread maybe someone will break out the gems
  12. 2012 poster will be bananas
  13. that solid piece is so dope ...such a pioneer ..i see so many things in that piece that people are still doing and that was 30 yrs ago ..amazing
  14. PreOne

    PRE.ONE! Philly

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/PRE-CRISPO-UPFE-Model-Train-for-MAD-vs-Cancer-/330738479652?pt=Art_Paintings&hash=item4d018cb224#ht_500wt_1202 check out the other auctions too..... http://madvscancer.bigcartel.com/ http://madvscancer.bigcartel.com/
  15. lol lol rapes is a machine! he got tired from sitting around waiting for us to finish...im sure the pretzels and tastykakes hit the spot though..when u come visit pre in the city of brotherly shove you get the royal treatment!
  16. :) 1st stop on the rapes tour and we killed it !
  17. Tres Amigos .... Pre Vet Braze ... Triple OG lol Philly Dec 2011
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