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  1. A homie was talkn to me abt the life or death situation

    when you only hve a knife, i never rly thought abt it but

    good thing he told me bcuz i prob would hve reacted

    the exact way he said would be the worst way.


    On a side note this dumbass i used to knw pulld a

    butterfly knife on me in a bar bathroom a bit after i left

    him slide on 'accidently' punching me like right whn i walked

    into the bar. He was tryna to do tht stupid fancy twisty

    sht n didnt know wht he was doing, i could hve killd him

    with his own knife while choking him out. His friend walkd

    in n watched this happening i told him dnt try sht, he turned

    arnd n walked out the bathroom, good friend ahahaha. Then

    again im not tryna stab someone idiot i grew up with, like

    he thought he was gonna do to me.


    Dnt b tht dumbass who pulls a knife n doesnt use

    it, you look like a faggot

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  2. So im headn out west monday n will be traveln thru Montana all the way to Santa Cruz(July 6th)/LA(July8/9th).

    Originally was going to LA for a place to sleep but homie baild on me

    so if anyone is arnd tht area or santa cruz(id be willing to shoot back up there)

    and would be willn to link up or have a place to crash at thtd be syck since I

    currently have no place to crash out. Hoping to also shoot dwn to San Diego

    before I finally end up n Austin and San Antonio.

    So fellow Oontzrz, hit me up id appreciate it.

  3. Who gives a fuck who you painted with, its abt respect.

    Especially to fuckers who have nothing, n rock the bus to snag some shit.

    You know where you started, act like youre better(Then again hah youre not frm here).

    No one n detroit ever capd each other for the fuck of it unless they had a problem

    n deth i know you can cosign.

    Get off your high horse n get catch a grip on reality.

    Its wack to observe this mentality change, should be interestn n a cpl yrs.

    Trust me their aint no backtracking to where you already stepd.












    This aint hate, more or less tired of the bullshit.

  4. Buddies on 6 mile is the original dtroit style pizza(Light sauce)

    Believe youll have to view the train station from outside, pretty sure its boarded up tight.

    Plenty of other bldgs though. Mudgies has bomb ass sandwiches.

    MOCAD is cool sometimes, free gallery closed monday n tuesdays, i think.

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