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  1. ..The Polish, Czech, Slovak, Ukrainians, Serbs.... Men, women, and children civilians.
  2. because of past experiences, that's what people always assume. We're taught in school like their the only one's that died.
  3. Fuck that. I have an uncle who nearly starved to death in Auschwitz (he didn't have a drop of jewish blood in him) and if he was threatening to destroy this country he wouldn't deserve any special status that saves him from criticism. Fuck McCain.
  4. He's in a position where if he can get into power he can fuck so much more up than he could ever sacrifice in Vietnam. 100 more years in Iraq, bomb Iran, and who knows what the else. Great American, I can see why you like him.
  5. Yeah because supporting bombing the hell out of the middle east along with a never ending war against 'terrorism makes you a great american. :D
  6. What? Who's an anarchist rebel? Who's radical? It's funny because I see you bash alot of people on here and then you yourself make a crazy ass statement saying McCain is a great american. LOL
  7. I can't belive anyone on here would say that, wow. ...anyway, this is old but if you haven't seen it.... McCain: Vladimir Putin is the President of Germany?
  8. Odds are stacked against you when your fighting authority in a country turning authoritarian. You take the police to court, odds are you'll lose. I really wish more people would take the Constitution more seriously. "The Constitution is just a piece of paper" - G. W. Bush How are people supposed know how to protect their rights when they don't know what they are? And the people who are sworn in to protect those right violate and ignore them? I try to be optimistic most of the time but all of this is so depressing.
  9. I think when you get deep enough into the midwest fashion trends, or whatever you want to call it, phase out. Honestly if it wasn't for lurking on 12 oz I would have no idea what a emo is. I don't even understand most of the terms you guys use for labeling one another. I feel like I'm under a rock and the whole world is rushing by..
  10. I've watched and read way to much about police brutality in they last few months. Makes me not want to leave my house... I remember when a was visiting Washington D.C. a few summers ago, some guy at the capitol building holding a machine gun said some rude provocative thing to me. I got right up in his face and started arguing with him like an idiot. If it wasn't for his gun I'd have punched him in the face. You can't win with authority, you have to be their bitch. I just can't take that. So I try to drive slow and avoid all confrontation with them.
  11. One of my favorite writers to catch. Get well soon!
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