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  1. he's part of the new generation of sickness
  2. i don't think its a pointless opinion. they are pretty generic if you ask me. but hey if thats your steeze then cool, whatever. do what you do
  3. false. tpbm has food fetish tendencies
  4. the consensus says... smash!
  5. [ATTACH]164497.vB[/ATTACH] weird but interesting [ATTACH]164498.vB[/ATTACH] also very weird.
  6. false. i make my own bed time tpbm is packing for a trip
  7. false. i make my own bed time tpbm is packing for a trip
  8. damn, no revenge would be sufficient enough for this bitch
  9. you get a tip if you deserve it. im not giving away money because its the polite thing to. simple as that.
  10. my girl spends forever on facebook when we got shit to do. so then i oontz for longer
  11. cant ever go wrong with a sandwich waiting for laundry, cant do shit till its done.
  12. listening to psytrance. some of the worst type of music ever by the way
  13. true. tpbm recently learned how to ride a bike
  14. dont look down unless theres money on the ground
  15. hahaha that was actually a few days ago. the date is wrong on my cam
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