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  1. can we get some more fulblownaids up in here please?
  2. the bridge will run forever as long as no toys fuck with it again. bring on the nashville flicks! we need some new reader up here!
  3. MAKING A DIFFERENCE http://www.king5.com/home/Officer-puts-teens-to-work-cleaning-graffiti-125050204.html
  4. “It’s not gangs. It’s primarily just taggers. They are just cruising around on their skateboards.” :)
  5. looks like it's time to find another hobby everyone
  6. that old gimer when he was still reppin gpk is cool. i was in portland for the fourth. shit is falling off. thanks for the old flicks safe
  7. goddamn portland http://www.kgw.com/news/1-killed-1-injured-in-NE-Portland-shooting-124566319.html careful on them streets errybody!
  8. "The majority of our taggers are between the age of 18 and 35, they're not juveniles. Old enough to know better, usually educated, come from middle class families." He forgot "drunk".
  9. I make sure to refrigerate everything I own, for good measure. I heard Montana actually works better if you put it in the freezer the day before you use it.
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