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    against my better judgement

    Something about superheroes having some obligation because of their powers. I forget how it goes, but that's you. You're obligated to putting this out there. With your haiku ass shit, I think Nietchze covered it also. It's an obligation.

    Underrated Actors •-

    Lily Taylor.


    my old Shovelhead. Riding a rigid is fun as fuck, but with back problems and all, I made the switch to a swingarm. Oh, and an electric start. I kicked that bitch almost as much as I rode it.


    Rigid, hardtail=young guy Bagger=old guy Stereos on baggers blasting Tupac=padlock/bandana

    Self Medication

    If something was wrong with your dick instead of your brain, you wouldn't be self-medicating and fucking the same bitch over and over. You'd see a doctor. Just sayin.

    One time...

    Sold weed to Gloria Estevan once.


    if you're looking for an open face helmet that's not DOT, just buy the cheapest one you like the look of. Get a size too small and rip out the padding to avoid the whole Marvin the Martian deal. Paying $100 for a brain bucket doesn't make much sense to me. I got mine for $15.

    Predictions for the Next Decade..........................

    The Blond Japanese Girl with the Nice Booty is mentioned in the Book of Revelations as one of The Seven Signs of the Apocolypse. The end is near.

    Ghetto Tours

    I'd go if I could eat snacks in front of them too

    stupid jokes

    what did the ghost say to the bee? boo bee.

    Sons of Anarchy

    most of the club guys I know wouldn't notice their baby was missing for at least two weeks.

    Thee... I Got Beat The Fuck Up Thread

    I'm walking by a group of bro's outside a bar, I'm wasted. I'm looking at them with this rediculous grin on my face, amused by their pre-distressed jeans and frosted-tip hairdo's and whatnot. One says to me, he says, Whut the fuck are you lookin at? I don't reply, I just stop and look even more confused, trying to focus. I'm really fucked up. Three of them square up on me, first one says, There's three of us, better get movin pal. I bitch slap him perfectly. By that I mean I had a powdered jelly donut in my hand. I figure these guys are soft. Wrong. Now I'm on the ground, against a wall. I figure these guys aren't used to rat-packing and I got a second to get it together. Wrong again. I quickly discern from the rythmic riverdance on my skull these guys have done this before. Fuckin every bro is a UFC fighter these days. I get up and start eye-jabbing blindly for some reason, hoping I'll hit. I hear, AAAH MY EYE! and think, yes! I am still losing in this trade however. Cops rush us and the bros drift off, and I let myself fall. They ask me the usual, I spot an older cop with a big red bushy old-timey cop mustach standing back a bit and say, I'm justa drunk irish idiot and sometimes we fight. He looks at me for a second and says, let him go. I stumble downhill because I figure that's the only way I'm gonna get anywere anyhow. I call my girl and tell her I got jumped. She says I deserve it because I was probably at a strip club and hangs up. I don't even like jelly donuts.

    ----->Late 80's / Early 90's Hiphop - The Lesser Heard<-----

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yy4UE_47ehs Little Bruce

    Sons of Anarchy

    I rode a rigid kicker for five years. I loved it, but I sure as fuck wouldn't do it again. I'm saying, a swingarm is better than a softtail. Of course a softtail is better than a rigid. And if you don't like roadkings don't get one. But if we're gonna get real here, save your money and buy a jap bike.

    Sons of Anarchy

    I'd go with a Nighttrain if I went with a softail, which I aint. If your looking for comfort I'd go with a Roadking or some other swing arm model. The softtails aren't the best for your back. And anyone calling a sporty a girls bike that ain't got a bike needs to get a sporty.