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  1. I'm assuming people are actually posting these pictures that they found, and not the actual writers posting them up, right? Cool thread.
  2. Props to HAEL, HAELER, HAONE!!!!!!! True L.A. legend!!!!! Been doing his shit since forever. Been reppin' all the dope L.A. crews and has never slowed down!!!!! OTR, TNT, MSK, IFK, LOD, AL, The Seventh Letter, was OG TKO.....The True Boyle Heights Kid!!!!! All City, All State, All Country, All World!!! HAEL ONE = Already Legendary.....Fuck the haters!!!! KARL INC.....
  3. That ain't no Old School GRAY! That's just some toy writing SPOOK trying to do a GRAY bomb. Keep trying, kid.
  4. MORE GRAY FLICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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