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    Nah, I think some toys just wrote that on AXION's shit. Not the same crew.
  2. Just don't go over my landmark on the left one.
  3. Does anyone have a bigger version of this pic?
  4. And an MSK head already said it's true right here. Dope ass addition to the crew.
  5. I concur. Less talk, more rock. Bump those flicks.
  6. For those who wanted confirmation...
  7. An MSK head already confirmed it. Dope addition!
  8. GLEN, GRAY was never from LTS, but he had homies from there as well as homies from KOG. He was a TKO original and with the help of him, SPAIR, DISM, & SOLOE, they put TKO on the map in L.A. Dudes killed everything, everywhere. I've known GRAY since '88 and he's never changed. Never been cocky or a dick. He's always been a good friend to those who befriended him. That's a dope ass video. Lots of memories. I know he did a lot of damage in Detroit, but you can only imagine what he did in L.A. Often talked about as an L.A. legend by legends themselves. Ask SKREW to tell you the funny
  9. VIZIE is just too damn good!
  10. TLOKS/TOOMR used to be from MSK AWR. He's just TKO now.
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