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  1. This isn't snitching to the cops or ratting to authority. Shit, if your shit you put lots of work on got diss, wouldn't you want to know who it is; especially if these toys fucking your shit up aren't even brave enough to leave a name or crew?! I understand because of the reward involved, but shit, if they have it, why not offer it? I'm not justifying what they're doing, but enough is enough with these lame toys dissing pieces and murals just because! I'd want to know who they are too to fuck them up!!!! But hey, if you're against this, then don't worry about it. Simple as that.

  2. In SMOG's defense, he hasn't done shit in years. And I do mean years! So how do you expect him to just pick up a can and be as good as he once was, let alone like all the rest of the MSK heads who have expanded into different diverse styles since those days?

  3. negative...

    you'd think that all the LA cats would be part of it though.




    RETNA was there, though. I guess he didn't feel it. Surprisingly I didn't see any CHUNK either. But you can't expect everyone to be there.

  4. Did NORM do an AROE piece? This is fucking bad ass. All the MSK guys united to do one dope ass production! I love how everyone's giving each other shut outs. True crew right there!!! I have never seen REVOK acknowledge TRIGZ before until now!!! Tight shit. I hope these idiot toys stay away from this and just respect it instead of ruining it, but that's just way tooo much to ask for. L.A. has lots of haters!

  5. It's crazy in Downtown L.A. right now!!! New shit from anyone you can think about from MSK! I've seen things from REVOK, RIME, SEVER, HAEL, POSE, CEAZE, HENSE, NEKST, SKREW, ROID, NORM, GARY, TRAV, EKLIPS, WANTO, QP, BUDS, KICK, SECT, EWOK, SMOG, SIVA, HAVOK, FATE, RISK, AROE, ZES, PYSA, AUGOR, PUSH, TOM, ALOY, DAME, REYES, STEEL, SHIVER, BUS, plus shout outs to TRIGZ, & AGUA. There's a couple of names I can't read, too. Still haven't seen some CHUNK, KRUSH, SABER, RETNA, VEW 32, ELSER, MQUE, GRIME, CIDER, ERIKO, or BUCK 50. Too many pictures to look at and take, so I'm just going to give you Guerillaone's flickr link to check them out yourselves. Enjoy and props to Guerillaone.



  6. New names? Most of these guys are OG MSK heads. I know what you mean, but to their defense, some of these guys haven't done shit in years! But to each their own, right?

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