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  1. Those demands in that list are insane. A few would probably have a detrimental effect on America - opposite to what the author intended no doubt. But it just goes to demonstrate the lack of real understanding these people have of politics, economics, society, human psychology, etc and their complex interdependence. I'm all for progress and moving towards a better society. Protest and grass roots people power is a great way to this end, but this whole occupy movement seems to be lacking in understanding the issues. More could be achieved through free labour markets, greater government support for innovation. Etc
  2. That dude is Lebron x Weezy
  3. You should have gone aall all Eazy-E on her ass.
  4. They need to bring back the wire....amirite?
  5. I've always thought they were the same person. Props to injury for speaking out on this issue.
  6. That blonde with herpes is vanilla
  7. Based on my interpretation of rap music, I think that means they make crack there
  8. KM4RT

    Who Runs the World?

    I've been wanting to respond to a bunch of things in this thread but haven't had the time. On my phone atm and I really need to sleep. Things would be much easier if we were all sitting around a table at the pub.
  9. Re: OCCUPY WALL STREET NYC LIVE STREAM I'm bullish on this
  10. KM4RT


    RICE Or maybe one of those resistance band thingos and use it to stretch and work the ankle.
  11. KM4RT


    Only if I'm describing something as a "neat solution". Otherwise it's a gay word.
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