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  1. cheers for all the helpful advice. I wrote cope because it was the first thing that came into my mind, that door is now safely tucked away in my garage and no one has seen it except me so it wasnt to make any sort of statement. I have since started doing stickers and stencils and will stick to them. They are far more creative and generally get much more artists rather than gypsies doing them. Im not gonna look at this thread again so wont see all your replys to this next comment but i think cope is a fat cunt who hung around wit a tubby ginger cunt, he is just a wank stain on the boxer shorts of life. I wish wesley snipes would run up behind him and grate his face on a speeding train. :p :lol:
  2. i have only just started graffiti and have yet to spray anything on a wall. All i hav done is spray cope on an old door and it made me realise a few things. I thought i was gonna buy a piece of wood an practise on that, well this cope i did was tiny and it practically used up all the space, id be painting over the over stuff every 5 mins so i cud paint new stuff i realy wouldnt get any decent practice doin that. The only way im gunna progress wit a can is bombing. Plus my 400 ml can feels half empty after a titchy throw! how many peeps out ther rack cans and who buys? cos if i buy all my cans this is gunna be the most expensive ting ive taken up to date. mama mia!!:scrambled: :eek:
  3. it wud be rite gud if sum propa decent writers could come and do a few pieces on the station house to inspire people over here. The bloke still wants more graffiti so he will not mind. Hes got a few screws loose anyway he dresses in the same clothes all year round and is short and bald.
  4. how do one and all!!!:scrambled: well adisham train station which is is in east kent has recently been absolutely plastered in graffiti all with the permission of the station master type bloke. He used to have loads of security cameras up to make sure vandals didnt smash up the station but as they didnt actually belong to british rail and he was putting them up on british rail property they ordered him to take them down. Now he lives in the station house type thing next to the platform and he said to and kids or whoever was there you can all spray what you want on the station house to prove than when my precious cameras are not here this is what happens. I suppose trying to get them to allow him to stick his cameras back up. So hehe its not got graffiti everywhere, mostly shit stuff but sum ok still loads of space for more though and you can go over some of the realy toy stuff!
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