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  1. You're an idiot and trying too hard be a internet smart guy. I meant lie as in they market the idea as family oriented and traditional but all they give a fuck about is turning a profit, not celebrating the true meaning of the holiday. I doubt you even actively paint graffiti
  2. Cilone - ..Come on, I meant the marketed materialized traditions of Christmas are a lie. It's a pagan holiday with Siberian traditions. It's comedy to me how childish your response was. Pet - low budget christmas horror film? haha
  3. Your nitpicking is taking away from the original point, Christmas is a LIE
  4. I wouldn't say nonsense, all they had to say was "one of the greatest." If only it were a perfect world...
  5. A short clip for a little insight into the origin of 'christmas' traditions. A lot more information out there, seek deeper.
  6. Isn't well played generally used in response to a persons rebuttal? I was simply stating, it's interesting, all the contradictions and imperfections in this heer tecknologeecal space age. We're supposed to be so advanced but countless moments of our lives are spent arguing who's opinion is more pointless and ignorant or who has convinced themselves that if they take an authoritative or sarcastically confident tone their point will come off as more valid. Infrastructure is crumbling, collapse is imminent.
  7. Such interestingly informationally diluted times we live in.. The industrial plight rages onward in its cancerous state... So many nerds fulfilling their egos by arguing their opinions incessantly... I can't wait to hide in the mountains from marshall law
  8. electsot


    ATB from the bay run thangs
  9. http://www.flickr.com/photos/59490801@N03/
  10. http://www.flickr.com/photos/67527197@N08/page2/
  11. TRILLionaire - That's my flick, I found some fuck on flickr trying to take credit for it but he won't respond. -RealityShock on flickr
  12. Pemex and Logo 2 for 1!!! Who's going to Oakland tomorrow? Shit's about to be crackin
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