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  1. Rip all tho's what have passed, been a ruff year 2015.. Was---___ pretty low... LETS Get HIGHhhhhh again
  2. I'll start to post stuff... Lazy botches, naw I love yall... Keep it sexy tho, nothing rawr,,,, more like rawrrrrr
  3. Pretttyyyyy much dawggg
  4. Imahhhhh call everyone out... Anyone :D that's not doingggg graffiti,,,, suck it boiiii :)) weak asss bbys, ! Don't consider doing a ""burner" on castle hill to be work also.. :p take to the streets.. :D :scrambled: diss whoever no ones fixennn to do shit.. Run the streets son:lol:
  5. Ohhh then cyst said I hadddd to stop.. fuckkk it I getsss upppp, so I stoped pushing it.. long story short... grows iz killen shit, nowwww baker has left.. that's why he's not posting any thing. Thats meh boy.. I hateee posting pics on this so I never do also..
  6. Grows got put down by kits... guess peps got mad cuss they be sleeping... let the hate build fagzz,,, :p now get back to your legal walls. let thisss nigggah runn shit, yeaaaa bishhhh
  7. Wooowwww. Join dates abouts the last time I loged in... :p. Fuckennn shittt
  8. Naaaaaa gerrrrr,, my naager leon
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