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  1. hah, illadel is selling some on his sweet 1996 website, that fucking guy just gets better with time.
  2. Looks like etch, Has the bro man seen a buff man yet, the ! looks like maybe or he was just out of ink by that point,
  3. Realy? Nuts,bolts,rocks,drill bit,socket, Anything that will fit inside
  4. he means zimas. but I'm guessing y'all are to young to young to know what those are.
  5. ^this. or grab the packs.or grab the metal body Sharpies.or just thinner.
  6. pazman

    Spray Paint

    its also a smelly mess, i havent found a can i can get a clean outline out of, i used it just on a hunch one night, and got stoked when it covered wet rusto chrome , till i came came back for flicks in the daylite,i put the camera away, any one have a can that makes a decant outline?
  7. ahh the atleast every 4 months some one has to come and say how great tattoo ink is, you should kick it with the guy who wants to use vodka as his base,
  8. Waist of time and money, denat. Alcohol is higher proof,
  9. Marsh makes spray inks in afew colors,krylon as well, guess it was only a matter of time till the idea was dressed up for the kids
  10. i like the liquid grip stuff, one time a made a hole marker out of the stuff using a woodcraft as a mold, and used the valve and nib, it turned out to be pritty sweet, a mop body with a chisle tip and valve.
  11. yea pilot is golden.the only down side to it is how small the refills are
  12. pazman

    Spray Paint

    That's cuz its made by them.shits cheap 2.95 for fresh colors in matte
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