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  1. Donnie'sElement

    The Babble

    http://www.melanieauthier.com/content/images-full/MA-Flight.jpg http://www.melanieauthier.com/index2.cfm?PageNum_rsDetail=13&pg=detail&series=9 This girl be blowing my mind this morning. Some of the nicest, coulorful abstracts ive ever seen. Also link is good for WOWGOLD etc.
  2. Donnie'sElement

    i must say

    Your living in Paris, and your bored. Man your fucking failing durement. Get to the catacombs, fuck it go see Pere LaChaise, Montmarte, hit Oberkamfp for a few brews. Or just get off your ass and fucking walk round, mad stuff to do, see, and try fuck in Paris dude. Plenty of graff to flick or contribute too, if ya hadn't noticed. Or say screw it and get back on yer drugs for a laugh.
  3. hahaha Man, just keep plugging away getting content up and the style of the blog down to a T. In the words of some great Indian from an even greater film. 'If you book them they will come'
  4. Donnie'sElement


    Pulled the free Illustrator CS5 trial the other day, had a mate talk me through the basic, pen tool and coloring. The thing is fucking tops, mental potential. * Anyone talk me through how to import colors or textures from pics taken from the t'web? Ie can you totally manipulate any image, pulling bits of left right and center? Basically talking about what this chick (who id do some ill-shit too) does but i think she;s working on Photoshop. http://vimeo.com/9119923 I swear i got these cheesburgers for yo... Anywayhay. - Very first attempt at Illustrator.
  5. Donnie'sElement

    Daily Sketch Thread.

  6. Re: Just started my website. You've done a good thing man. Bookmarked. Loving some of the stuff, first painting series is hot as hell. Be nice to have an 'expand function on the photos, to appreciate better. Nice vids too. Keep updating! Nice Wan. *1st.
  7. Donnie'sElement


    Cheers. Im gonna try explore that a little more soon, im loving the cleanness of ink on canvas, opening up lots of possibilities. G
  8. Donnie'sElement

    the NEW sketch thread

    Sasquatch... In honour of your public services.
  9. Donnie'sElement

    the NEW sketch thread

    This thread has had some nice stuff recently.
  10. Donnie'sElement


    500 and not out. Been messing around spilling ink and filling in the white.
  11. Donnie'sElement

    the weekly battle thread

    Re: MBT shoes same quality Each agent can measure the width and length of the foot or you can do it yourself, with a table.
  12. Donnie'sElement

    Canvas Thread

    Barry Mc Gee? How and for how much did you get your hands on that?.
  13. Donnie'sElement

    Passenger Trains...Flixx from allover

    Does it really take away from the fact that he paints dope panels?.
  14. Donnie'sElement

    The best of Google Video and YouTube

    Tiny kid wants a teddy real bad. genius.
  15. Donnie'sElement

    Canvas Thread

    My good fuck that's leathal.