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  1. Stolen from 12oz posts and plopped down into this thread. I do not own nor do I represent the original photographers. [/img]
  2. You're wack...this thread is cool.
  3. Awesome. Keep up the great work. PS, I have anxiety just thinking about what would happen if Indonesian cops were to pop someone for this type of behavior. Yikes!!
  4. Nice effort..nice mix of car co's. Fuck the Stupid Bowl!!!
  5. Nice pictures...keep it happening in Bulgaria.!!
  6. Nice...Euro freight scene getting rolling. Catch the cars you want while you can....
  7. ^^^^^^^^ This is more or less ridiculous. If the vendors had the wherewithal to check "current" can auctions, then I have to believe they have the ability and knowledge to do a completed listings search for the same cans. Of all people you should be giving yourself the same damn advice since your ebay auctions hype the HELL out of the cans you're selling. Why are you giving out advice on how to bid..? Anyone who knows ebay and who sells for a living, be it lamps, auto parts, movies etc, knows about completed listings search possibilities. Therefor, before I get as long winded as you, I have to respectfully ask that you take your own advice before trying to offer it up to the rest of us. I respect your hunting and desire to find cans, but it's not like you're doing it for just historic preservation reasons, part of your angle is obviously money. Why not start your can auctions at .99 cents.? Starting cans at $50, $150 etc does the same type of damage and catches the same attention for non can collectors/sellers as you're mentioning happens when people bid too early. So, I ask not what I can do for you, but rather what you can stop asking of us. My final word, blahgitty blah.
  8. Someone stabbed me once for using the word "graffin". True story, my friend told me.
  9. Is that the same Myspace Troph that got caught cuz he was talking on Myspace with his crew about hitting spots? I liked the pictures you put up , awesome.
  10. that Goner is cool...that cop isn't
  11. Then you're a drug dealer that paints graffiti, not a graffiti writer who sells drugs. You're fake and this thread is lame as fuck.
  12. Chessies looking mighty short and fun
  13. ^^^^ Yeah I agree and what about those hollows you started off with. Yeah they may be dope writers, but they're fuc*ing hollows. They take a half a second and really aren't that great in the scheme of things. Nice pics, bad mentality.
  14. HA, his shit moves thru here all the time....thought he was from out this way I see his shit so much. Does your name imply how bad your fr8's are dookieface. SICK ASS POST!!..Keep hitting that steel for real. I need as much steel in midwest as possible or else I'll kill myself at the nearest wheat field.
  15. smizrocks

    Uh Huh

    oh wow...a biased post...how original... BLAH!!!
  16. well in that case are they Capri cargos...?? that kwest is a good catch ...my guilt is setting in
  17. I guarantee you're one of those dudes who is wearing girl size jeans right now....all tight to the ankle and you probably have some kind of new wave Emo haircut just to round it out..... welcome to the land of people throwing verbal middle fingers....
  18. well fill me with cream then and package me in air sealed plastic....
  19. ^^^^^^^^^^ Congratulations...you're clearly the man. Blah.
  20. me likey....not the bitching, but the flix......no one owns shit, and everywhere is fair as long as the basic guidelines are follwed. don't leave trash behind. don't be seen on way in or out. take flix when everything is done...(at night) do a can count so you leave with what you brought in. keep the chatter down. hop thru a lot and look around like you are guarding 500lbs. for the Medellin Cartel. if you have drips running off the metal onto the ground, kick those ballast rocks away and smear the snow, leaves, mud etc. if it's snowy out, walk in a single file line so as to conceal your numbers. PRAY for rain after.....
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