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Everything posted by TRILLionare

  1. you still coulda posted a close up of the erupto, man.
  2. You questioned my intelligence using improper grammar. Don't contradict yourself, and I won't talk shit. Plain and simple. BUDDY!!!
  3. all about da lettas mayne. did you just watch piece by piece or somethin?
  4. is that first sentence a statement or a question? correct punctuation, man. tombout a yellow bus ridah nigga.
  5. No this is not a thread. Thread is a textile used to make woven materials.
  6. you asked the same thing in the sf thread. go home with that shit.
  7. it would probably help your argument to post stuff that is actually painted.
  8. the kept the destn on the left thou. runner!
  9. yeeeees for fuck sake yeeeees. this is the shit.
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