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  1. im still here. you aint the only one left, but theres few of us now. :(
  2. latex or acrylic with water works better than oil and thinner. oil based will clog.
  3. Blude's got that helvetica swag, i guess. BORING MY NIGGA
  4. This doesnt really happen to me because im convinced that people know what im going to say before i say it. (im schizophrenic) Anyway, this one time me and my three roommates are drinking just kickin it, and these two girls come over. we happen to be having a deep discussion about how faulty cans of mace are; they dont work, they get taken by attackers, they run out fast, most people dont know how to use them, etc. these girls then just up and leave for no reason. turns out one of em had just had a run in with a guy trying to rob her, and dude stole her mace from her, ONLY MINUTES BEFORE THEY WALKED IN THE DOOR! but they were fat bitches so who really cares
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