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  1. not paint, but anyone interested email me....some of the ink is full and liquid some is hard and some are empty.
  2. Its been tough getting out lately with the little one, but here is what today brought on, my favorite was the bonbon plum mist.
  3. Here is what I found today, it was a shame the 62 regals and the 64 dove didnt have their tops, my favorite was the glitter spray that says "MAGIC AS ALLADINS LAMP"
  4. The cap should not have a lip, looks like the wrong top it also looks like a flat top on a gloss black can. Name on can cans are not rare but there are certain colors like any year that are harder to come by than others.
  5. What's that black Scottie on top? Love the color jet flourescents.
  6. Here is what I picked up today, the messed up gloss black has a cherry red top but whatever...
  7. Cans that I'm sure have been seen before but thought I'd post some new pics...and I think that flecto is canadian I'll have to double check.
  8. Here is this weeks finds and upacked some boxes to make the shelf...
  9. Yeah only the second devil I have found here in 12 years of collecting. Here is what I came up with today...
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