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blood on my leather

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  1. go hang my self? fuck you. i never use this mtn black. i hate montana so much but this girl bought me some but none of my caps work. and i dont want to go buy any from this gay fucking graffiti store.
  2. what caps work on mtn black. like ones i dont have to go buy the ones i can rack.
  3. Re: Don't Call it Frisco weed pictures. cool?
  4. crab reminds me of kegr? i like this stuff tho. twister
  5. fuck, your dumb. "i skate goofy so heelflips allday." your an idiot.
  6. Re: weird stuff you kind on the tracks :scrambled:
  7. fruit and cream starbursts. toblerone sour shit. and this candy i get from the chineese market. so good. chewy.
  8. fully flared....or the begginning. please!
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