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  1. every now and then i think about how far ahead of the game he'd be if he was still around. dude was absolutely ridiculous. rest in peace.
  2. i know it's got jack shit to do with VA, but that NISE hand on the last page is so fucking ill.
  3. it's so fucking played out that i can now recognize the youtube url without even going to it.
  4. there's no such thing as too much kool g rap. the origins of my name are a secret. mostly because i forget where i got it from.
  5. haha word... peep the AER zulu nation joint...
  6. i think the word you're going for there is "douche".
  7. holy shit... there's some awesome stuff going on here.
  8. are you fucking for real? 1. you can't read any of the tags on this thread? are you blind? 2. you're gonna cross out anything resembling the tags on this thread? if you're gonna go around crossing shit out, just because it looks like something you saw on the internet, i'm gonna go ahead and guess that by the end of the week, someone will have beat the shit out of you. you're a funny motherfucker.
  9. i get that way from time to time, and i just normally end up sticking with whatever seems to be boring me the least. it's during these times that i end up painting the worst shit, because i'm just not feeling it.
  10. come on now man, it's not my place to put him on blast like that. if he wants to let you know, he'll let you know. he already told you a flick of one of his tags was posted on here. i'm through bickering with you, not worth my fucking time. someone post some flicks.
  11. ^ tap dancing, son... it's the new black.
  12. hahaha... man.. you have no clue who you're talking to. my man has definitely put in work in major cities, long before you even picked up a can of paint. and if you're saying "fuck flares", why do you keep posting in here? quit running your fucking yap, go do your weak ass tags in your weak ass spots.
  13. rebel hearts is a reference to the IRA, the x's are because i'm straight edge. i know, how 14 year old of me to put x's around my screen name.
  14. ^ you realize the bulk of the people you're aiming that at have been in this for well over a decade, right? 10,15,20 years sure as shit doesn't seem like some fly-by-night, in it for a minute motherfuckers to me. if you really didn't care, you wouldn't respond. you'd let that shit roll, and just keep doing what you do. and that's my suggestion for you, go out, do your thing, and worry about yourself. quit trying to talk shit to dudes that have long been a part of what you're just now getting into.
  15. hey cool, let's post the exact same thing in a jillion threads to get the post count up.
  16. blah blah blah... don't know me, don't know anything about me. i'm not gonna argue with you or try to prove anything to you, because i don't give a fuck about you. your handstyle sucks, and it's not a flare. end of story. quit posting flicks of your shitty tag in this thread. and i'd really like for you to go around and tell every premium member, who supports this site so shitheads like you can come on here and run your mouth, that none of them bomb. guarantee you'll get your fucking teeth knocked out before you can finish your sentence.
  17. i just ate some baklava... i love that shit.
  18. ^ what the fuck is that shit? seriously, just because you used a fatcap, does not mean it's a fucking flare. and get a better hand while you're at it.
  19. so either contribute to make it better in your eyes, or shut the fuck up and leave it. edit - those cast flicks are awesome.
  20. did you somehow miss the 11 flicks posted on the first page?
  21. all the flicks in the post right before that ohde marker tag were all ohde, too. dude's definitely got dope hands.
  22. i read an interview in TV Guide where some of the cast members got to ask JJ and Damon some questions, pretty cool http://www.tvguide.com/news/lost-questions-answered/080304-01 also, i read somewhere (can't remember where) that at the end of this season, the Six actually get off the island. so then there's 2 more years left of the show after that, it'll be interesting to see what they do with that. my guess is that a lot of it will revolve around some of them (definitely Jack) trying to get back to the island. as for the coffin, i'm thinking it's Ben in there, since we all obviously know he got off the island.
  23. listen to haymaker. then kill someone.
  24. this coming from someone who wants people to show him some spots to "tag"
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