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  1. Yellow Beard


    Post really does smoke rocks need I say more. :lol:
  2. Yellow Beard


    Hahaha Post your wack kill your self u still riding Nores dick I seen the messages you need to grab a bag of crack and get off the net u look like a fool.
  3. Yellow Beard

    I wanna see your...........PETS!

    Re: I wanna see your...........PETS! ha this one is great my cat does that all the time he just jumps into boxes and takes a nap
  4. Yellow Beard


  5. Yellow Beard

    GAME: True or False

    False tpbm needs to see a dentist or hasn't seen one in a while.
  6. Yellow Beard


    Mokoes talk about jock you sat here and named all your fav writers u probally dont even know half them its cool gee u like bombing and your krispy's cheerleader keep posting how much u hate p walls and how u hate freights your wack kill yourself everybody on this thread enjoys painting freights get off a dick Obe is actually my fam so i have said enough jock ur boy krispy cause he so raw and talented because he can do the same straight letter toss up all over Chicago yes hes a bomber not and all around champ Obe has nice shit at a 360 look on graffiti nice illegals and legals krispy couldnt do a peace to save his life he just doing that same toss up thats some NY shit toss ups everywhere u kids need to grow up and realize that graffiti is about evolving from one style to the next not doing the same toss up forever try new shit. that shit gets played out after a while do a peace do some illegals do some legals its not just about the long years in the game any more its about doing some nice shit all the older doper nigas are making money off there art skills because its a form of art just a peace of art.
  7. Yellow Beard


    I am i am iam mad I know and im also right krispy is wack cant compare to the skiller then shut the fuck up and swallow o damn that felt good real good actually realy good the whole entire last page was MOSTLY wack this is suppose to be the Midwest best yall faggots posting throwies and signatures o how sweet bunch of fags its allright tho who ami kidding wasn't expecting to come see any eye openers in here any way just a buch of toys with cameras snap away its cool every body has an opinion on graffiti and my opinion is more than half this thread is wack super wack super toy fuck it yall can keep this thread going. Im more then mad real recognize real.:mad:
  8. Yellow Beard


    krispy fall back bitch your not even from the city burb fag suck a dick:lol: i said smacker status plus it wasnt tarpped and i have a picture of a fire ass smacker but im not going to post it your toy ass needs to just stay quiet:lol:
  9. Yellow Beard


    Damn i didnt know they let crack heads go online at the halfway house get off dude u know who Im talking about yeah you post a flick.
  10. Yellow Beard


    Top 5 baby the spot was a little pushed back id pass it for street (smacker status) no on in the city besides OBE AN SYFER doin it like this five colors plus, on a illegal (smacker spot), its actualy clean intricate NOBODY if you got a FLIK prove me wrong. big ups to OBE AND SYFER see you soon my niga
  11. Yellow Beard

    GAME: True or False

    false tpbm likes almond joy
  12. Yellow Beard

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    Talking to my ex told her about my new gf now its time to get that new hair cut.
  13. Yellow Beard


    You wipe your mothers ass and it turns you on.
  14. Yellow Beard

    GAME: True or False

    true but its not about falling down its about getting back up again. tpbm has never painted a clean train.
  15. Yellow Beard

    I was gonna _____, but then i got high

    Yeah I hate tripping with people that cant control themselves or just stupid people that don't know how to act its best for me to do it alone or with just one other person i hate raves i hate fuck faces that just sit there and get in my face with there glow sticks