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Everything posted by JesusEzekielJesus

  1. LOL HE DID!! i was witness to this
  2. http://www.cam4.com/perfect--lover surely he must be like 15. he was pretending to smoke earlier
  3. props? **dont ask me to post tits, they've been posted already
  4. http://www.myspace.com http://www.youtube.com http://www.blogger.com http://www.dysfunctionjunction.com http://www.cam4.com
  5. Hopefully she doesn't go psycho on you... like hunt you down, cut your dick off type of bitch
  6. gay friend of mine told me it only took one girl to figure out he was gay
  7. i told my bro about this and i was like "yea webcam meth bitch that had a cast.." and thats as far as i got. he busted out laughing
  8. he became a beautiful woman too...fucking bastard
  9. i pissed my pants in 3rd grade. I didnt want to kill the teacher that wouldnt let me go because "I should've gone at lunchtime"....fucking bitch. Kids be watching too much CSI and shit, all trying to cover up their fucking dirty work with gloves. Their parents sure as fuck didnt teach them this. "Remember Timmy, always wear gloves so the police wont trace your fingerprints"
  10. true. after watching family guy....IHOPZ person below wants to sleep but cant
  11. exactly. Sign the contract to tell all of your friends what a fucking wierdo you are and kill all hopes of ever getting laid again.
  12. daaaaamn, that would be so crazy. She would probably deserve it too
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