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Everything posted by wholeman

  1. BANGING... all that old shit!!!
  2. I think its entirely safe to say that making a 12 oz post is just as exhausting as wasting an hour on internet porn. Hopefully this is more productive though. Hope ya'll enjoyed it and if I cut you out, pardon me--I did it a lot. Chariot of the Gods is a book that can be found here: http://www.wordscascade.com/chariots.pdf It's an interesting read.
  3. Throwing a few random shots in there as well..
  4. Aliens instructed Noah.. don't waste your life force.
  5. nice post.. although its always weird when you never see someone and then all of a sudden they're in a post 3 or 4 times.. ;)
  6. way down blurry headache post
  7. and those egon pieces are cool as shit.
  8. "i'm a tough artist gangster hip hopper that can't be categorized and i'll fight anyone that has an opinion and friends." that's what you meant to say, tough guy. Or maybe you actually should just say what you mean and call out the people you are wanting to call out. what the fuck- its the internet.. not a place for blanket threats. what do you paint? why do you paint? who do you have a problem with? They're just pictures, homebooooyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy....
  9. And I still think 12 oz should make this shit easier. I get a headache each time I post.
  10. I was gonna put it in my "thread" which I haven't maintained at all and some kid eventually jacked the shit from me, but alas! Who cares. Check out what good graffiti looks like on a computer! Drink hot beverages, live well, and give what's been given.
  11. that royal! save and many others. nice bench
  12. what an internet toy. hijacking my dead thread. let the shit dieeee.. you suck.
  13. ^^ yup. And thanks for documenting the city. i like that GSPOT put up his mom. hell yeah.
  14. that old hybrid on the rail link is classic. thanks brother.
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