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  1. Hartford. Yup. Maybe third time's a charm.
  2. Mmm...labiaplasty...would smash, if she grew some fuzz Good Lord!
  3. Probably one of the cooler things I've seen. I dig scarification, especially skin removal type. That's pretty intense As for the lady cop......DAT AAAASSSSSSSSSSS!!!
  4. Since when is watch RA?
  5. This older Asian lady came into my work today. All I could say was "Holy shit, DAT ASS!!!!" Couldn't flick without being creepy. No, wasn't fat. Slightly thick but with an ass like Beyonce. I need to find more like her
  6. False. Always seem to break them though...maybe I should stop trying to be Fred Astaire... Naaaaaaaah! TPBM is waiting for the day Asian girls come with an ass. They also know what I mean by "ass".
  7. If he plastered his wall with these, they'd be put to better use. That currency is fucked. /captainobvious Vegan food is delicious. As is raw food.
  8. These things are everywhere. Everywhere. Not exaggerating I see you...trust. This cat is on some Ideo steez. Has a scratchie on a bench in a holding cell. I def laughed my ass off when I saw that.
  9. Just watched a NatGeo Wild program on this little guy. Right after the one about the little girl with 8 limbs, and the smallest girl in the world. Cool how people spring for surgeries so kids with weird defects can live normally. Probably the only one that wonders about human evolution, and what will be done if weird shit starts happening to our bodies. I for one wouldn't mind having another pair of eyes. Or an enhanced sense of smell.
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