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  1. Get one of those aluminum keyboards and add some current to it. She'll think twice about using your computer.. Torrentz just indexes torrents from various open trackers, demonoid usually has a longer retention and higher seed ratio on popular content.
  2. So the STI turns into a Tesla?:lol:
  3. Thanks, I should have stated that it was done using a ball point pen. When I was working on the hand I got some drips thus making the veins seem exaggerated. I was trying to go for the softer look though and its rather hard to get the right amount of pressure at times :)
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wo1hW6_-d_Q Support your local ninja!
  5. Was the one lost from the VIP? Shit man, I was like 5th on there and it was starting to look promising, must have been 2-3 yrs back... Don't want to sound negative but I think a few of them are going to go missing again.. I would be more inclined to send you a few sketches on 11x8.5" paper, and you binding the stuff you get together into a book.. :D
  6. WE PETITION THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION TO: Investigate Chris Dodd and the MPAA for bribery after he publicly admited to bribing politicans to pass legislation. Recently on FOX News former Senator Chris Dodd said (as quoted on news site TechDirt), "Those who count on quote 'Hollywood' for support need to understand that this industry is watching very carefully who's going to stand up for them when their job is at stake. Don't ask me to write a check for you when you think your job is at risk and then don't pay any attention to me when my job is at stake," This is an open admission of bribery and a threat designed to provoke a specific policy goal. This is a brazen flouting of the "above the law" status people of Dodd's position and wealth enjoy. We demand justice. Investigate this blatant bribery and indict every person, especially government officials and lawmakers, who is involved. Created: Jan 21, 2012 https://wwws.whitehouse.gov/petitions/!/petition/investigate-chris-dodd-and-mpaa-bribery-after-he-publicly-admited-bribing-politicans-pass/DffX0YQv
  7. So just spent the night editing this picture. Taking out credits etc. out of pure boredom... Wished I was getting paid like T4M to add effecs :lol: Also don't know why imageshack resizes images but I have the full version if anyone is interested :D Original
  8. What is your setup running? xp/vista/win7? Do you know how much space is being used currently? I think around 60GB should be average anything over 100GB you might have to dig deeper. Start there, maybe its pretty clean as is. Also, if you type "msconfig" in the command prompt you will go to "Sytem Configuration." Open the tab Startup and disable anything you find fishy or dont need. This might make your startup slightly faster depending on what you disable.
  9. Make sure its a DVD drive and not just a CD-ROM drive.
  10. I'm not sure I'm following but it seems to me that you are able to see the grey background with the apple logo while starting up and then it just dies out? If you're not getting any video and only sound you could try this approach: or you could always try Ice T's method:
  11. Locked as in password protected? I'm not sure if you're suppose to be able to see it in itunes but it should be detected when connected to your computer. You could try and restore it by pressing home+power for 20 seconds and releasing the power button only while holding home for another 10 seconds
  12. It would help if you post the error message you're receiving. You could always try something like foxit.
  13. I'm not sure what you prefer best, ATI or Nvidia. ATI has good products and its generally on par if not better than Nvidia. Nvidia also has good products but a little more expensive and usually consume more power. You didn't state your budget so I'll just say to look into the Nvidia 500 series (560)<200.00 or 400 series (460 >) <150.00. For ATI you might want to look into the 6800-6900 series, i has almost the same price point as above but they usually consume less energy and perform the same as the range above in some areas. For the cpu, go with a sandy bridge, the i5 will be plenty for your needs. Take a look at this to make your own comparisons and decisions. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This could be two things, a change in boot order or a corrupt bootloader. Boot Order: Lets start with the easy one. The boot order of a drive is more prone to be changed when there are more than 2 drives in the computer. If you only have one drive in this laptop then you may want to skip this part. When your computer boots, log into the bios settings (usually by pressing Esc or some F-key, then a blue screen with options should appear) once you are in there try to look for the menu that says "boot" once there you can switch the order of the drives up or down. Make sure you know which drive the OS is intalled in and set that one to be the first one. Startup Repair: If the above steps do not work you can try to fix how windows starts and you will need the OS install disc for this step. Insert the disc and proceed to load it as if you were doing a fresh install on your computer. Once you arrive on the "Install Now" page select the option at the bottom that says " Repair your computer", then after that select "Startup Repair" and follow the steps. Bootloader Repair: If the above steps still don't do it for you, you can attempt to repair the booloader. To do this you will need to follow the same steps as Startup Repair but now, instead of selecting "Startup Repair" select "Command Prompt" and you will now see a black screen and you will need to enter: To repair Master Boot Record bootrec /fixmbr To write new boot sector bootrec /fixboot -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You might need to disable wifi. Go to Settings> Wi-fi> off. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are site crawlers out there but I'm not really familiar with them to be honest. About the videos, how is the content presented? Are there links that you follow and the video automatically opens up or are there presented with a windows player where you click play to buffer them. If you have a link you usually right click on it and "save as" which will save it to your computer. You could try something like jdownloader and see if that works. It usually grabs whatever you're viewing. Another one is Flashget, I think this one had an option to crawl through a webpage and download its content but its a little confusing to use as I remember it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yes Microsoft Word is available, which version are you looking for specifically? You are better off getting Microsoft Office 2010 though as it comes with power point, excel, and outlook, etc. I'm not sure of which type of torrent site you are most familiar with but I would highly recommend getting from a source like demonoid, iff you need an invite I have plenty. ps-pg666 FTW
  14. You probably will not be able to if you said that every program closes after 30 seconds. I'm assuming its locking you from doing anything else until he "pays for said program." What is he running? xp, vista, win7? You might need to boot into safe mode and do it that way. (pressing F8 during boot) Additionally you could check for any shady programs installed and try to remove them.
  15. Mira, The programs are installed on the harddrive you are taking out, even the partition is part of the harddrive. There are two ways to go about this, 1.)Get a windows 7 disc from a reputable tracker/source and use some sort of activation for it, aka. Windows7Loader. or 2.) Clone the drive that you have using something like Clonezilla or EASESUS Partition Master or something like it. For this you will need to have both drives hooked up to a computer.
  16. Mostly use these, Had these but weren't dark enough imo. my backup.. Shiny silver Black matte
  17. Have you tried, right-click (on desktop)>view>show desktop icons? Do you have show hidden files enabled? Control panel>(view by: small icons)>folder options>view>Show hidden files, folders, and drives. Have to tried to actually replace those files? and does that work? Is it only program shortcuts or actual folders with files on them? were those programs/files that are missing created within those two days that you went back to?
  18. I like that, Some stain on that frame and call it a day.
  19. I know a few people who have ran v1.7.7 with no problems since release, all updates, etc. You need to go to the microsoft page and validate it after patching though.
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