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  1. i feel like that guy in office space who fucked up his TPS reports. im over posting flicks, ill just make a zine for no one to look at since i'm obviously the most hated dude around now. if by some freak chance anyone is interested ill just give one to you.
  2. anyone else feel like giving me shit about posting pictures that dont suck? im all ears.
  3. hopefully this will cancel out some of the bullshit... bump to that.
  4. god damn i guess corny as fuck is the new hot shit....im slacking, i am going to have to just start writing kenny loggins lyrics everywhere.
  5. the tall goofy thing is working for you then? good to hear.
  6. get laid much drawing that cartoon porn? i bet not.
  7. i love inside jokes, especially when i dont understand.
  8. they already have a hipster graffiti thread. post this shit there.
  9. youll be ok, just remember that your dad loves you.
  10. i just watched dirty rotten scoundrels and i thought of you...keep it sloppy big daddy
  11. that yen and that kerse are off the hook
  12. i think i am going to just shit in my pants and call it art.
  13. fuck. i want to go rub shit on a wall and call it art now.
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