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  1. and they come in 4 packs around here, even better
  2. Griff and Pilot ink are pretty dope combo.
  3. Word, thanks holmez, that's all I was askin.
  4. Thanks but I know that, I was tryin to find new felt or wool tips for my old markers though.
  5. Yea, but its so worn down its only half the length it originally was so it's the same thing, it won't reach the ink well then. I need new nibs all together but pilot don't sell replacements. Only thing I could think of is rigging some kinda chalk board erasure shit but I was hoping for a better solution.
  6. Nonono, I do the same but the nibs are now half the length they used to be from writing on ruff surfaces. I try to keep to smooth surfaces buy you know thats almost impossible. There so worn down the plastic scrapes now. Theres gotta be a better solution. I'd glady trade a pilot or 2 for some new nibs.
  7. Replacment Pilot Nibs??????????????????????????????
  8. I need some kinda replacment nibs for Pilot's, I was thinkin chalk board erasure but if you got a better idea let me know.
  9. bearshare, morpheus, remember when Napster was the shit?
  10. makes plenty of sense, what do you write wack staber?? Your avoiding the question...
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