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  1. Yea it really stands out when the etch is white like that. DOPE!!!
  2. I been usein griff for over 10 yrs. I love it.
  3. Smeero did an etch tag over my marker tag, looks like the ink is permantly stained on the glass now. Which is why I figured you could mix a lil ink in your etch to make colored etch. I have a fealing it might work. Put a couple drops of ink in your etch and see.
  4. The only drips I see are tears drippin off bitches cheeks in here...
  5. Fuckin dope, outta all the new Siv freights this ones da illest...
  6. I seen some Mitch tags and though I wasnt really feelin em your pieces are much better then mine, dope style dawG.
  7. So if you mix etch and ink does it leave a colored etch behind? anyone fuck with it yet? I don't use etch but I been curious as hell.
  8. I think your right, my bros a mechnic and I told him I was gonna put brack fluid in my ink and he was like wtf you gonna do that for? and as for fishoil I've been writing a long time and never expiremented with it.
  9. Its the ink leaving the ghost, beleive me.
  10. I got some fills and throws. My problem is I start out with an L and by the time I get to the E it s to big so your right I need some structure to my letters try to keep em all the same size.
  11. I used to fucks with these when I was a youngin, they suck but they get the job done and look almost like a streak.
  12. No rubbin alcohol in the uk?? What the fuck?? Don't yawl got Walgreens or oscos over there?
  13. Its also higher then the other 2 tracks.
  14. It ain't hard to spot, I've ran accross 4 rows of track drunk with no problem many a times.
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