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  1. youtah


    aest resa meskoe woer jaber
  2. each2 meter rane jero gift smog syms biter ramr?
  3. youtah


    saw a big5 and a push msk on a gvsr in the main yard back in '96. literally first freights i ever benched. thanks for the memories and influence......
  4. truly a master of his craft. its dudes like this that make you realize quality is king. thanks for your contribution to freights and graffitti in general. kuhr1
  5. goddam i love this post envys celf mines faves prism keptoe steel jaber shore
  6. baer salem kuhr '06 one my fav. tyboe
  7. kwest. Ive seen more of his panels stamped than any other writer.......... heist worm
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