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  1. crackhurts

    Sunday Afternoon

    check relic crow dose dwot oil. great post!
  2. crackhurts

    Jasper Alberta Bench Life

    uploading more and ill post them up tomorrow when i awaken. Jasper Alberta is hella busy with fr8s so bare with me more to come dont worry.
  3. crackhurts

    weed heads/kings by trade!

    love that signature! LOL
  4. crackhurts


    yo that MONE is from toronto, im sure he dont give a fuck what u think haha or if hes ever gunna even read ur post to give a shit haha
  5. crackhurts

    Freights: One man wholecars and E2Es

    SUP AIKO, u still poopin on dee toilet ;) hahaha
  6. crackhurts


    also damn good to see RFM RELIC CHECK & CHILLEN caught up in here.. the big 905ers!
  7. crackhurts


    bump that 2012 Jase hollow!
  8. crackhurts

    Rest In Power... CRUDE OIL..

    thanks for posting my flick :) OE rest in paint oiler
  9. crackhurts

    freight junkies post here!!!!

    love those pics dude, post more :)
  10. crackhurts


    fucking amazing thread dude. plus i really love BMORE!!!... peace from the 905 ontario canada.
  11. crackhurts

    freight junkies post here!!!!

    peace out.
  12. crackhurts

    freight junkies post here!!!!

  13. crackhurts

    freight junkies post here!!!!

  14. crackhurts

    freight junkies post here!!!!