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  1. check relic crow dose dwot oil. great post!
  2. uploading more and ill post them up tomorrow when i awaken. Jasper Alberta is hella busy with fr8s so bare with me more to come dont worry.
  3. yo that MONE is from toronto, im sure he dont give a fuck what u think haha or if hes ever gunna even read ur post to give a shit haha
  4. SUP AIKO, u still poopin on dee toilet ;) hahaha
  5. also damn good to see RFM RELIC CHECK & CHILLEN caught up in here.. the big 905ers!
  6. thanks for posting my flick :) OE rest in paint oiler
  7. fucking amazing thread dude. plus i really love BMORE!!!... peace from the 905 ontario canada.
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