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  1. lets get back on track....
  2. Dear CaliG was this the pic that i missed out on?
  3. i never watched the sopranos, or any other movie he's been in.
  4. Dear Lety, your insecurities are what made me walk away from you. and yet i still miss you, you bat shit crazy woman. -El V.
  5. whoever still uses FB can find me at ... /McDudeSauce
  6. man, this woulda been embarassing if this was already posted elsewhere...
  7. got one of these gems at work the other day
  8. i expected pictures of an awesome breakfast.... i was disappoint.
  9. i'm not clever enough to come up with something original to say... happy birthday!! http://vimeo.com/28187215 just replace the name Lisa, to whatever yours is. and replace the word 'sister' and replace whatever else doesn't apply to you.
  10. ^^ reminds me of a car carrier that hit one of our van's the other day. the carrier lost it's brakes coming down hill and hit 3 cars...
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