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  1. i still dont know wtf an iggy pop is sounds like something you listen to while experimenting with your first homsexual experience.
  2. looking at those street vendor food pics kept reminding me of this.... http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=1ed_1382996617 recycled sewer cooking oil....
  3. "Is it a reward, or punishment? You decide!"
  4. fist her with some bengay. then pee in the daughter's butt when she is of legal age,
  5. usually on the show catfish, it's one fat person pretending to be a skinny person, and one skinny person. this time it's 2 fat people pretending to be skinny. they're all huggin' each other an shit and they're faces never even come close to each other.
  6. i want those few seconds of my life back that i lost reading this
  7. i'm not quite baby faced like that. but i can definitely pull the cholo look if i shave my head bald... DRUE DOWN THE PROTESTER (AND FRIEND) OR...
  8. outside my house the other night
  9. Dear Xfest, you sucked this year. I couldn't wear my Oakland shirt because according to security... "i know you're not a gangster, but other people might think you are, cause you're wearing an Oakland shirt, so you cant wear that" It's hot and waited in line for a while so im not gonna argue, ran to to the car and changed shirt. Couldn't wear my A's cap for the same reason.... walk inside and i see people with Oakland shirts and A's caps.... WTF... Fuck you Xfest. Full of meth heads waiting to watch their leader DMX perform and he still sucked. In short.... Fuck you Xfest. - El V.
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