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so wtf y'all movin on up

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  1. went there in '98 - skated a lot - did graff tags - got stung by jelly fishes
  2. SORRY MY MAN, NOT GONNA GIVE YOU A LATE PASS ON THAT ONE! THEY'VE BEEN TORN DOWN FULLY FOR 5 YEARS! LOL :lol: :lol: :lol: i guess you don't really know your surroundings. look for the those new condos they built. that's where it was 5 YEARS AGO! :lol:
  3. wow nice, we have another racist kid over here
  4. they threw sign language, ordered hot coffee wit a danish
  5. i haven't been to Austin in years........i never knew about this "Hamilton Pool".......i want to go back!
  6. teach da youts pon dem real days
  7. yo cash thanks for reminding me about this documentary...nothin to do on a sunday night so i watched it online over some chinese and beer. good looks! p.s. MOE-LESTER you should read further into the whole freeway thing before asking about what he was into. [not bein harsh at you]
  8. hahahahahahaha! yo me & my dude from chicago were out there and were whylin off the name of that restaurant! "yo son, whadda you do when you go into a restaurant?....exactly, eat. now eat that shit"
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