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Everything posted by oh_snap

  1. been a while since i've posted, you guys seen this yet?
  2. Awwwww shit, rage is back! From this afternoon.
  3. Just watched a documentary called Urban Explorers:Into the Darkness, it's on Netflix instant right now. I highly suggest it.
  4. JB, that last one is rad. Also, I just found out this week from MN that you're also in Chicago. We should all go out shooting sometime.
  5. dude on left, definition of rape face
  6. I'm bumpin this from the bottom of the page, haha
  7. I'd like to clarify that only the first 2 were taken from my rooftop.
  8. Two of four from "Outdoor Posing: Working with the Model" assignment for my Lighting People class. First assignment of the semester, had to use open shade lighting with no strobes.
  9. I was doing a shoot on my rooftop for my lighting people class today with Mn1 and figured I'd shoot the skyline while I was up there.
  10. mn1 the last 4 are on point. i know where that tshirt thing was, but when/what was it?
  11. Here's a few more from wandering the alleys.
  12. I've got the Tokina, fucking love that lens.
  13. Wandered the alleyways in my neighborhood last night. I really liked how redundant this was. If you've seen the movie High Fidelity. . .
  14. I haven't had time to post because of how hectic this semester got. So, I'm going to post some of my stuff from my final projects. The first 3 are part of my final project from my Studio Lighting class. This isn't from a final, but an editorial layout assignment (this dude, my old roommate, was a huge [pun intended] challenge to shoot in our studio because he's 6'8). and the before and after, because i'm really proud of how my photoshop skills have progressed this semester. 6 months ago i never touched photoshop, just lightroom.
  15. Just finished watching the Cardiel Epicly Later'd on Netflix Instant. DAMN.
  16. Went to Arizona last weekend for some Cubs spring training games.
  17. Nice, I've worked with Alien Bee 800's before, definitely a fan.
  18. so there are only 2 great hardcore albums?
  19. What kind of strobes are you using? Also, really diggin that first train shot and the marlboro.
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