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  1. saw a mybad hand on stpaul.. lookin gooodd yoooo... came up quick, thats whats up
  2. The only thing you know how to crush is your reputation. please shut up, you sound like an idiot.... nice to see meca back out doing his thing... and the dude random, goddamn!
  3. as if that spot hasn't gone to shit all ready....
  4. iome yout hit a buff spot. theres reason why there dead. becuaseee there BUFF spots....haha IOMER? please
  5. DERK, DKOPS, lookin flashhy..
  6. good theme with the days, i like that...
  7. who gives a fuck? hes not from Baltimore, period... agreeing with franky, this thread is wack as shit... Lome noone gives two fucks about your playlist... Baltimore needs to close this and never open another one again, wanna see some Baltimore graffiti? then take a fucking walk, im sick of all these clowns thinking they knwo whats up becuase of what they seen on a WEBSITE. this shit is probley more then half the reason spots are so hott now.. fuck this forreal, im done... half these bitches dont deserve to see these pictures anyways... in reality the media is killin the culture, and yall just adding more fuel to the flame.. what the fuck happened to taking it to the streets? that shits dead!
  8. DBK, always correct.... Im sick of this shit, i cant look at this page without getting frustrated at this POSE and IOME bullshit 'bump this bump that, whats up with this whats up with that' SHUT THE FUCK UP! you two fuck buddys are getting annoying, ask to many questions, and apparently are some snitches.. take a fucking hint
  9. feelin that picture southwest..
  10. haha i like it when POSE posts his pictures now.. its like a game, tring to figure what letters he's been biting latly.. if thats not a horrible attempt at AREKs E i dunno what is... writters arn't alloud at a punk rock show? I didint knwo everythign that has to do with graff is hiphop related.. what a fuckign stereotype, pathedic on a better note does anyone have that CISE next to the KAEOS^?
  11. ayoo reyed get in touch with me, i gues through here... pose stop jockin voses 'o'... &alot of goodwork lastnight
  12. Takin it back with the who walls.. is anyone still pushing DA?
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