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  1. A house is a money pit. House boats are different because of the floatation divers put under it every year to maintain bouyancy. I just happen to be a diver that maintains the floatation in the area....:) its in felida moorage in wash. Financially it could be done. Over along period of time and hustling materials My girls dad is in the construction material biz. He just told me he would I've me as much drywall as I can fit in his trailer. So imagine the other deals he could get!! Also. The main line posts up about 50ft away from the place daily.
  2. OR I could take it and either scrap it myself with no pay. Trade it for something cool I.e. a much needed truck, land or other nice toys. I need ideas
  3. I work on floating homes know alot about them and what not......So, I found a old decrepit man who owns two homes and is getting so old he's gonna have to live with his son. He has a unfinished two story in bad shape that he build before he had begun to age. (he was an architect/ artist) the house has lots of character Eithe he has to pay some one to dismantle it or give it away. with my estimations it needs between a easy 10,000 to 15,000 to renovate. The moorage fees would be 300$ a month which is less than my studio apt. Moorage fees = rent for a space in a houseboat moorage What would some of you better established guys do? Gamble and take that shit possibly make a hard earned 20-30 thousand? or say no and offer to dismantle it for him, for pay? Will post pictures later...
  4. i dive commercially for income. unless you really know what want as in quaility, buy used gear lurk on craigslist until you see someone desperate for money selling dive gear. come up. i got a dpv (underwater vehicle thing) for 20 bucks once. theyre worth 2-6 hundo. fools always sell shit cheap there. as far as diving for fun i dont do it much. in the summer i go with a underwater metal detector and lurk in the swimming hole for shit drunkards drop. thats fun
  5. i went to a commercial diving school 5 years ago and ive been diving ever since. i worked in the gulf, now i work for myself plus a few other people and i love my job. school was nothing to be taken lightly either. lots of dive physics and medical shit you gotta learn real quick. it was expensive but also one of my favorite experiences, i'd do it again. i liked to play with legos, swim and built tree forts in the woods when i was a kid and i can honestly relate lot of skills i learned as a kid to my career now. id recommend diving to anyone that likes building shit, ya mean?
  6. about halfway through dude is watching a movie he made, where he claimed the beatings were real cause he hired actors that wanted to pay their debt off to him by getting their faces smashed in. anyone know the name of that movie?
  7. if you drink and drive.... turn your lights on.
  8. been up since 630 am, made a bomb bfast, fixed bike. bike ride time nikka
  9. ive worked off shore in the gulf for 2 years. dont start. not worth the headache of being offshore all the time ruining your personal life cuz
  10. how do they know the letters didnt belong to the dead guy?
  11. yall have obviously never build anything structurally sound and dont know a lot about buildings. they use the boards and gussets and cross braces to make it stable. i thought everyone played with erector sets and shit like that to know whats "rickety" or not. pussy fart ass niggas. probably lotion your hands
  12. Ketamine is pretty fun. anyone ever been stuck in the hole?
  13. haha, its like a erector set..................for life a diy thread would be dope
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